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Meet the Team

Committed to the Cause

We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our team members below.


Leni Ibargu​engoytia


Born in Mexico, Leni Ibargüengoytia founded a graphic design and production service company, Creatica SA de CV.
Since childhood, she always felt a particular calling to help others, although it would be some years before she’d find her niche. Leni moved to the United States 18 years ago in search of a better life for herself and her family. When she left her business behind and moved to the U.S., she recognized the common immigrant struggle of integrating into the nation’s economy. She continued her studies and graduated from Florida International University, obtained her citizenship and lived successfully as an artist, entrepreneur, wife, and proud mother of three.
It was also during this time that Leni formed a deep connection with immigrant women, listening to their stories of entry into the country and the hurdles they needed to overcome to be able to economically sustain themselves. Leni continually asked herself “How can I help?”  After consulting many people and conducting her own research, it became apparent to her that the only way to help these immigrant women become self-supporting was by creating their own businesses. And with this momentum, in 2015, she founded Four Sisters, LLC and from that the idea of ForSisters was born. In 2018, ForSisters established itself as a 501(c)(3),


Rebeca Ramos


Born and raised in Mexico City, Rebeca holds an Engineering degree from the National University of Mexico (UNAM), and a Master of Science post-graduate degree from Kingston University in England, where she emigrated and lived for 17 years.  A business professional and entrepreneur in her previous life, Rebeca, a proud mother of 3, moved countries again with her family, came to Miami, and changed tacks to become involved in various community initiatives and non-profit organizations.  She joined the Women’s Emergency Network (WEN) in 2015 as Program Director.  WEN is an organization that helps financially vulnerable individuals, mostly women, to access reproductive health services. She is still a Board member with WEN.  For Sisters was a natural progression for Rebeca’s belief in supporting women, who have faced very challenging circumstances, in making decisions to become financially independent , a role model for their families, and to be recognized as fully contributing members of our community.


Ilaria Cacopardo

Board Member

Ilaria Cacopardo is a native of Italy who received a law degree from Universita’ La Sapienza in Rome, Italy in 1994. She went on to earn a masters degree in Comparative Law (LLM) from the University of Miami in 1995. She worked for over a decade in the legal department of the Italian Consulate in Miami before entering law school at Florida International University, where she graduated in 2012. Ms. Cacopardo has a strong background in immigration law having served as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) intern, prosecuting cases in the Immigration Court, and also representing indigent clients in FIU’S Clinical program. Upon graduating from law school, Ms. Cacopardo started to work with renowned immigration lawyer and book author Mary Kramer where she handled difficult litigation, including detention work and federal and Supreme Court cases. Ms. Cacopardo also collaborated with Ms. Kramer to two editions of her famous book “Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity”.

In 2015, she opened her own practice. Ilaria Cacopardo has been involved in various pro-bono projects including representing unaccompanied minors and mentally incompetent clients. She is also a board member at Catholic Legal Service where she continues to volunteer her pro bono services. She has also served as board member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association South Florida Chapter and has chaired several committees, including Aila South Florida Asylum Committee.
Ms. Cacopardo believes that the practice of law is a time honored profession, and that fighting for clients’ rights and liberty is an important mission, not just a job. 


Patricia L Tatis

Board Member

Born and raised in Colombia, Patricia began her professional career in her home country and while working full time pursued her master’s in finance.  She moved to the US twenty years ago and within the first four years was appointed Director of Finance for a Telecommunications company based in Miami with presence in Colombia, Bolivia and Spain, offering services for Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. Throughout her career within the Telecom industry Patricia has held positions as Director of Finance, Strategy and Financial Planning and CFO.
Patricia is a graduate of Universidad del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia and completed her master’s in finance with Eafit de Medellin in Colombia.  Her passions include running as her favorite, along with biking and swimming in that order. 
Five years ago, Patricia started working towards building her own financial planning practice and at the same time it was time to give back. Her next generation, her own children presented her with an opportunity to participate in a building trip with a nonprofit. From which the journey of giving back began.
For the past three years I have been part of the board of Civicus, actively participating in the operations committee. Finance, my area of expertise, has had significant input throughout these three years. Offering more the 20 years of experience has been the way I have found to contribute towards an equitable, diverse, and inclusive world through Civicus. 
Forsisters is the next step to continue in this journey of working towards a better world. It is unquestionable that every effort adds up. Some are more active than others, some are more hands on the field than others, however it is the fact that we all work in unison. Each of us has a small part in this process, yet together the results are robust and resilient.


Ariadna Ibarguengoytia

Board Member

Ariadna was born in Mexico City. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration from la Universidad Anahuac. She moved to the US with her husband 25 years ago in search of better opportunities. She continued her studies and graduated with two Master’s degrees, one in  Education and, a Hispanic Literature degree from Villanova University. She obtained her citizenship in 2012 and has worked successfully as a Spanish teacher in various schools and colleges outside of Philadelphia since the late nineties. Ariadna is an enthusiastic and highly motivated educator who celebrates her own culture and language by empowering young adults to be proud of who they are. 
As an immigrant herself, she believes in everyone’s potential and self-determination to become part of a community where they feel loved, respected, and valued.


Valentina Eman

Communications and development strategy

Valentina, with three years of nonprofit experience under her belt and a current position in public relations, Valentina has a passion for storytelling, helping others and advocating for her clients. Having worked in nonprofit immigration and being an immigrant herself, she applies her determination and experience to every task.


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