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Made with HOPE

Was created by immigrant LatinX women who were looking to transform their lives by building economic prosperity and constructing a more hopeful future through a Sisterhood of Women-owned co-ops. We at ForSisters aim to give “voice” and expertise to help positively impact the lives of immigrant Women on both sides of our border. ForSisters is a local Miami-based collective founded on the principles of social justice and community engagement. We function to support various cooperatives of immigrant women in integrating themselves into the socioeconomic fabric of the US and reclaiming agency over their own lives. It is by centering the lived experiences and organic culturally rich life that goes into making our products that we hope to make lasting impacts in the lives of our Sisters and their families. Created with more than just resilience, Made with Hope.  

Our services work to educate and empower immigrant women in our communities in a self-sustaining and impactful way. We believe that by providing women with the necessary tools and skills to succeed we can successfully assist entire communities. We provide each group with business/financial literacy counseling, social/legal support, translations,  materials,work space, and marketing.

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Project partners

Julimar LLC

Our most recent addition to the ForSisters team has hit the ground running with a line of authentically delicious tortillas. This group was created with the generous support of the Awesome Foundation in 2017.

Each organic tortilla is handmade using traditional nixtamalization and stone grinding methods. We are very excited to see the many accomplishments to come of Julimar this coming year!

Centroamericana LLC


Martinez LLC

Together both of these organizations helped launch our program! In the last couple of years they have gained great momentum within our community. Centroamericana LLC’s work has been featured in the Miami New Times for their  one-of-a-kind traditional Salsas.

Our first cohort venture was successfully launched in 2017. This group incorporated their own business where they developed, branded, and sold homemade traditional salsas across various market sectors. Most recently they have had the opportunity to sell their unique and delicious salsas in local Farmers Markets, such as the Key Biscayne Green Market, the Fresh Market in Coconut Groove and the Wynwood Farmer's Market, as well as fill the shelves in Brick and Mortar stores across South Florida. 

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